As former Chairman of the House Committee on Science & Technology:

Ed played a leadership role in crafting Senate Bill 219, the nation’s premier driverless vehicle law. This 2017 bill has become a nationwide standard for autonomous vehicle laws in balancing public safety, insurance, liability, and cutting edge research to make Georgia one of the best places in the world to deploy driverless cars.

Ed recently coordinated a series of legislative hearings on securing our state’s election system in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election. Through this detailed study committee process, Ed coordinated a bipartisan effort to analyze new voting systems for the 2020 election cycle that leveraged cutting edge technology while giving Georgians the confidence of a physical paper ballot.

Ed has become a leader in the development of laws limiting the abuse of unmanned aerial systems, securing government and private sector databases from cyberattack, protecting the intellectual property of Georgia’s architecture and engineering companies, and developing a legal and regulatory framework to promote manned commercial spaceflight based in Georgia in the coming decades.