Election Integrity

In September 2017, as Chairman of the House Committee on Science & Technology, Ed took a statewide leadership role in holding legislative hearings on securing Georgia’s election system. Through a rigorous 10-week committee process, Ed led a bipartisan effort to analyze new voting systems that leveraged cutting edge technology while giving Georgians the confidence of a physical paper ballot.

It is essential that we provide each voter with a ballot that is secure and verifiable.” – State Rep. Ed Setzler

In 2018, Ed sponsored a bipartisan bill that laid the groundwork for requiring a paper-verifiable statewide election system.

After the uncertainty of the 2020 election, Ed conducted town hall meetings with both citizens and experienced election workers to identify legitimate gaps that needed to be fixed within our election system. With a deep level of personal engagement, Ed helped pass SB-202, an election integrity law that has been rated by non-partisan groups as giving Georgia the most secure and fair election system in the nation.