Ed has been recognized by Georgia Conservation Voters for his successful fight to protect local ordinances that encourage the smart, sustainable growth of our communities and for being instrumental in the protection of vulnerable water and wildlife resources statewide. Ed has been a champion of protecting greenspace and protecting the low-density residential character of West Cobb.

With the passage of House Bill 1211, Ed helped establish an innovative public trust fund to preserve parks, wildlife habitats, and green space and helped place under protection 24 million acres of privately owned forest land, more than any other state in the nation.

As a leader in the 19-member Cobb legislative delegation, Ed organized and chaired the Cobb Water Summit and supported the creation of a Statewide Water Management Plan to guide the state in the management of our vital water resources. With the passage of Senate Bill 342, Ed helped create a drinking water reservoir development fund and has committed adequate resources to create new drinking water reservoirs to safeguard our state’s long-term water supply.

Ed cosponsored and successfully passed House Bill 57, a solar power financing act that provided homeowners with meaningful options to finance residential solar power systems for their homes.